Indoors and Outdoors Cleaning Services

Sky Clean Air Mold & Water Removal Services, Inc. in Atlanta

Indoors and Outdoors Cleaning Services

Experience The Sky Clean Magic today, because if it's not Sky Clean Air Clean, then it’s not really that clean. We started our business cleaning carpets, gutters, and pressure washing at residential and commercial properties. Long before we received our mold removal and water damage restoration licenses, we worked very hard to over exceed our clients expectations. Ask about our popular hi-tech fogging sanitization service; this allows us to never miss a spot when it comes to disinfecting your property.

We have 3 Cleaning Packages for Real Estate Investors:
o New Home Owners Turnkey Cleaning Package
o Sky Clean Air Deep Cleaning
o Sky Clean Package

Sky Clean Air Deep Cleaning Packages For Indoor and Outdoor, Includes:
Services You May Be Interested In
o Commercial & Residential Cleaning
o Pre and Post-Construction Cleaning
o French Drain Installation (direct water away from home)
o Basement Cleanout/ Garage Cleanout
o Crawl Space Cleaning/ Vapor Barrier Installation
o Crawl Space Complete Encapsulation
o Movie Studio Production Cleaning
o Window Washing/Cleaning
o Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Installation/Repairs
o Pressure washing/ Soft Washing
o Yard Clean Up/Trash Removal
o Roof Cleaning
o Tree removal/Yard Clearing
o Landscape and lawn care services
o Pressure Washing/ Soft Washing
o Truck Trailer Washout

New Home Owners Turnkey Cleaning Package, includes:

We clean everything from A-Z, indoors and outdoors. Sky Clean Air Services in Atlanta gives turnkey homes to realtors, real estate investors, and homeowners. Pressure washing, carpet cleaning, movie set production pre & post-cleaning, deep home cleaning, wood floor polishing, etc. We have worked with production companies for commercials, music videos, and box office movies in Atlanta and throughout Georgia to provide pre and post production cleanup and scene change cleanup. Commercial and residential properties are our favorite projects. Schedule an appointment or Estimate: 470-377-1126 or

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We clean everything from A-Z, and repair a variety of things, indoors and outdoors. French drainage systems, vapor barriers, mold and water damage solutions. Pressure washing, carpet cleaning, deep home cleaning, wood floor polishing, etc.

IICRC-Certified, Licensed and Insured. Ask about our Senior Citizens discounts and payment plans. Our mold removal scientists are knowledgeable of damage and health hazards produced by mold contamination.