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It’s quite unbelievable that 70% of homes in the US are contaminated with mold! You’re not alone, and there is no need to feel guilty or ashamed. Without a proper vapor barrier installed, full encapsulation, drainage system in place, or the correct dehumidifier, both water and mold are guaranteed to stick around your property. If you’re tired of that toxic moldy smell inside of your Atlanta, Georgia’s business or home, Sky Clean Air Mold & Water Removal Services is here to save the day! That awful look of black mold and green fungus growing wild must be destroyed. Indoor mold spores can grow on virtually any surface, as long as moisture, oxygen, and organic materials are present. When molds are distorted, they release tiny cells called spores into the surrounding air. We are mold removal specialists that destroy mold and fungus with a proven scientific approach. We’ll provide you with top quality expertise in mold remediation and water damage restoration with a 10-year warranty. We also will conduct the build back with Magazine Quality Renovations for any parts of the home that we had to demolish, such as drywall and floors.

Sky Clean Air is a one-stop shop when it comes to mold removal! When you employ our services, we get rid of the mold from start to finish. Truth is, we’re the only mold removal company in Fulton County that will cut out the drywall (only when necessary) and repair the damages. We thoroughly clean the impacted areas, destroy the black mold with FDA approved antimicrobial cleaning agents, and install the vapor barrier or complete encapsulation of your crawlspace. Ask about our odor removal services available for tough cigarette smoke and pet odor stains that are difficult to get rid of. Call us now at 470-377-1126 or


Black mold isn’t only dangerous but can eventually present a grave danger to your family’s health. Sky Clean Air Mold & Water Removal Services, LLC. are premier mold remediation consultants and certified mold removal experts that take pride in serving all of the United States with consultation. For large projects, we’ll travel to any part of America to get the job done; no project is too big or too small. Our mold specialists enjoy conducting mold inspections and testing, giving our clients peace of mind. As professional mold removal technicians, certified by the IICRC, we’re proud that we don’t take any shortcuts to execute our jobs.

Our 10 Step Sky Clean Air Mold Removal Process
Step 1. Mold Inspection
Step 2. Mold Test Samples
Step 3. Professional Consultation by our Mold Specialists
Step 4. Estimate is Sent To Client
Step 5. Mold Removal Plan of Action Is Created
Step 6. Client Approves and We get Started On Removing The Mold
Step 7. Post-Mold Test
Step 8. Clearance Letter of Successful Mold Removal
Step 9. Repair the damages (if necessary)
Step 10. Leave the with Area(s) Cleaner than before.
Schedule an appointment for a mold removal/water damage consultation and assessment, which includes an emailed estimate, identifying the problem(s) and a thorough game plan by our Mold Tech & Water Damage Restoration Professionals on how we're going to solve it for you: 470-377-1126 or


    - Emergency Mold Remediation and Flood Water Removal
    - French Drainage System Installation
    - Mold Inspection (Evaluation) and Mold Testing [24-48hrs option results]
    - Vapor Barriers Installation (and Moisture Barrier Repairs)
    - Crawl Space Encapsulation
    - Water/Flood Removal
    - Insulation Installation. (Removal and Replacement)
    - Crawlspace and Attic Antimicrobial Fogging and Deodorizing
    -Surface Cleaning (Antimicrobial cleaning solutions)
    - Sump Pump installs
    - FREE Before + After (Air Quality) testing
    - FREE Moisture Readings
    - Crawlspace Clean Up
    - Spray foam Insulation (and Foam Board Insulation Installation)
    - Fiberglass Insulation Installation
    - COVID-19 Disinfecting
    - Surface Cleaning (Furniture cleaning that has mold fungus or mild grown)
    - Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Deodorization
    - Air Quality Testing
    - Mold Containment Chambers
    - Soot, Smoke, and Odor Removal

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What are some of the health effects associated with mold exposure?

According to the CDC, the most common symptoms stemming from mold spore exposure may include:
● Nasal and sinus congestion
● Eye irritation
● Blurred vision
● Sore throat
● Chronic cough
● Skin rash

After contact with certain molds, individuals with chronic respiratory disease may have difficulty breathing, and those with weakened immune systems may be at risk for lung infection. We're certified and licensed to use Disinfectants, Sanitizers, Algeacides, Fungicides, etc. We are one of the best in safely eliminating undesirable or harmful algae, bacterial, fungi and viruses in homes, institutions, medical facilities, industrial and other sites. We serve all counties in Georgia—no job is too BIG or too Small! Ask about our mist fogger disinfecting and sanitizing services available for residential or commercial properties.


We clean everything from A-Z, and repair a variety of things, indoors and outdoors. French drainage systems, vapor barriers, mold and water damage solutions. Pressure washing, carpet cleaning, deep home cleaning, wood floor polishing, etc.

IICRC-Certified, Licensed and Insured. Ask about our Senior Citizens discounts and payment plans. Our mold removal scientists are knowledgeable of damage and health hazards produced by mold contamination.